FREE Optimization Pack  
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Your time is your money - Why waste it trying to configure your new phone?

Our Resource CD is specifically designed with the busy professional in mind. That's why we created simple instructions (with pictures!) to get you up and running, fast:

  • Email Configuration Guide
  • Internet Configuration Guide
  • Latest ROM Updates
  • ActiveSync Updates
  • i-mate contact information
  • ActiveSync & Bluetooth Guides

    Also included are ways to save BIG MONEY on your service plans, as well as optimization strategies for maintaing the best performance on your device.

  • Loaner Phones -- a necessity
    When your phone needs repair, can you afford to be "down" for two weeks?

    Not our customers! Included in your purchase price is a free membership to our exclusive Loaner Phone Program:

  • 30 Days free usage
  • Windows Mobile phone
  • Minimizes interruption
  • Maximizes uptime
  • RMA Assistence
  • All you pay is shipping!

    For the busy professional, this service is essential. PLUS, we will help guide you through the entire repair process, and if necessary (and possible), intervene on your behalf.

  • Loss Protection - That Works!
    Three out of Five PDA's - Returned!
    Your PDA is worth more than it's price tag -- we help you get it back!:

  • Keep your device safe
  • Keep your device safe
  • 2 years recovery service
  • 3 out of 5 devices recovered
  • Register your phone online
  • Peace of mind

    Place this discreet label on your device, and finders will be able to safely and confidentially return your PDA back you to. Very effective, and very important -- just another way that On The Go provides solutions to our customers.