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Which carriers support your products?

All our phones are World Wide GSM Factory Unlocked: They use sim card technology and only work on GSM networks. In the United States, GSM carriers include:
  • T-Mobile
  • Cingular
  • AT&T;
  • Sun Com

    Verizion & Sprint ARE NOT GSM carriers, and therefore do not support our products. To learn more about each carrier, read below:

  • T-Mobile
    All our phones support T-Mobile service. T-Mobile is an excellent choice if you live in a large metropolitan area, are concerned about rates, and travel abroad frequently.

    Advantages of T-Mobile include:
  • Excellent coverage in large cities
  • Very competitve rates
  • Top choice for international usage
  • Great customer service

    Disadvantages of T-Mobile include:
  • Moderate coverage in rural areas
  • Data network only 2G (EDGE, 156K)

  • Cingular
    Although Cingular service supports the 1900Mhz frequency in most places, Cingular is optimized for devices supporting both the 1900Mhz & 850Mhz frequencies. Cingular is an excellent choice if your main concern is cellular coverage and high data speeds.

    Advantages of Cingular include:
  • Excellent coverage nationwide
  • Very fast data speeds

    Disadvantages of Cingular include:
  • Expensive plans
  • Uses 850MHz network, not supported by all devices
  • Mediocre customer service

  • AT&T;
    All our phones support AT&T; service. AT&T; is an excellent choice if you currently have the "unlimited" plan, and want to keep your current service.

    Advantages of AT&T; include:
  • Excellent coverage in large cities
  • Very competitve rates

    Disadvantages of AT&T; include:
  • Network being phased out
  • Data network only 2G (EDGE, 156K)

  • i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
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    i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
    i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
    i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
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