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  Business Sales  
B2B Sales at On The Go Solutions, Inc.

For the business...
For the enterprise client, On The Go Solutions offers many different services that will allow corporations to more efficiently control their wireless expenses. Personal service, Third-Party applications, and customer orders are just a few of our offerings. On The Go Solutions can also customize fulfillment to suit your need with branded packaging and device programming. We look forward to becoming your solutions provider, and responding to all your corporate communications needs. We offer the following services:

  • Business Billing & Purchase Orders
    We support your need for purchasing equiptment on PO or with specific terms. Call our business sales team at 847 933 1762 to get setup with terms that meet your corporate requirements.

  • Corporate Wireless Solutions
    Selecting the proper wireless data infrastructure can be very difficult. We service & support:
    • Blackberry
    • Good Technology Server
    • Microsoft Active Sync
    • Notify (Groupwise)

  • Carrier Support
    We work with the following carriers to better assist you:
    • T-Mobile
    • Verizon Wireless
    • Cingular/AT&T;
    • Nextel

    For B2B sales, contact us at (847) 933-1762

i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
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i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
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i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
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