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About On The Go Solutions, Inc.
On The Go Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1997. We are a privately held company located in the metropolitan area of Chicago, Illinois. On The Go Solutions, Inc is a major wireless distribution company with a national customer base. On The Go Solutions specifically targets Internet commerce, providing wireless products and services to consumers and enterprise clients.

For the consumer...
On The Go Solutions provides a wide array of wireless products and services for consumers to choose from. On our site you will be able to compare products and features, pick the product that suits your needs the best, review the most current rate plans and carrier offerings, and select any accessories you may want to make your wireless experience more enjoyable. All these features and the most competitive prices you will find on the Internet.

For the business...
For the enterprise client, On The Go Solutions offers many different services that will allow corporations to more efficiently control their wireless expenses. Personal service, Third-Party applications, and customer orders are just a few of our offerings. On The Go Solutions can also customize fulfillment to suit your need with branded packaging and device programming. We look forward to becoming your solutions provider, and responding to all your corporate communications needs.

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On The Go Solutions, Inc will not knowingly disclose any confidential information to any third party without the written consent of you, the customer.

Certain information will be used to process your request and to provide you our services. Information may also be used internally in connection with promotions, newsletters, subscription requests and other internal marketing and promotional purposes.

If a site visitor does not want this information collected and used by us for the disclosed internal purposes, the visitor is given an opportunity to request that the information not be used for such internal purposes. Any information obtained from public records is not subject to this policy.

Protecting the private information of visitors to our Website is as important to On The Go Solutions, Inc as it is to you. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us at 847 933 1762.

i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
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i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
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