What can you cook in an Airfryer?

There are so many foods you can cook in an airfryer.Like many people, I’m a hardcore lover of fried foods. Whether it is French fries, crispy chicken or deep-fried prawns, fried foods are my one true weakness when I’m dieting. Ideally, it would be a dream come true if I was to limitlessly consume these foods without piling on the pounds but sadly I have to exercise like a maniac in order balance the calories being taken in and burned.

As much as I love fried foods, I don’t usually have too much at home. This is not only due to attempting to control myself at home but also because of the little explosions of oil that occur during the frying process.

I’ve always been on the lookout for a possible solution to prevent this possible cause of blistering and I couldn’t believe it when a friend told me about the rise of airfryers and how they will use air to fry foods. I mean how could a machine use to fry food? It seems ludicrous but thankfully, it’s an appliance that does exactly what it’s supposed to.

As you can probably guess, I was highly unconvinced at first but when I tasted food fried in my friend’s airfryer, I finally realized what I had been missing. It was pretty much the same as deep-fried food but without the huge number of calories and an enormous amount of saturated fats. This kind of forced me to look a bit more into the technology and buy my own because it would mean that I could enjoy my favorite food at home without feeling guilty!

After spending a lot of time looking at tons of airfryer reviews, I finally settled on the Tefal Actifryer and I couldn’t be happier! It’s possible that you’re considering buying this appliance. But before you do this, it’s possible that you’d like to find out what kind of foods you can cook with this machine. Ever since I bought my Actifryer, I’ve made lots of different foods, all of which are delicious and contain very little oil! Let me give you some examples.

Crispy Golden French Fries

On the day that I bought my Actifryer, I just had to make French fries, which by the way I cannot live without! I combined this with some fried fish to make one of the most delicious meals I’ve had for a while. The French fries turned out great and gave off the crispy golden fried appearance. It certainly looked like it had been deep-fried. The fish was similar as it was crispy and tasted great. The best thing was that the whole process required very little effort and the food was served within 20 minutes!

Chicken Wings

A lot of people who regularly make chicken wings at home will argue that these are the most difficult and probably the most dangerous food to fry. However, cooking these in an airfryer was literally effortless. I had the spices ready and everything was ready to eat within 10 minutes. The end-result was extremely impressive because the chicken wings tasted like they had been made in a restaurant.

Sesame Prawn Toast

In prawn toast, you’re looking at an ultimate snack if you’ve got guests coming over or a party to prepare for. I picked off a sesame prawn toast recipe and made my first few pieces pretty quickly. These only took 10 minutes to make in the airfryer. Obviously, the first few times I made them, the recipe didn’t turn out great but with a little practice, the prawn toast tasted better than ever!

Prawn Crackers

This is another delicious snack that I normally prefer over traditional potato chips. Again, just like the prawn toast, the prawn crackers were quite tricky to make and took quite a bit of time to perfect but at the end, I finally managed to create that typical crunchy taste.


I’ve tried and tested lots of different fried foods in my airfryer but the above 4 are the ones that I’ve managed to master very quickly. The bottom line is that you can fry pretty much anything in this appliance. The best part about this is that your typically calorie-packed fried foods would be healthy and free of oil when fried in an airfryer. This alone was sufficient for me to get my hand on one!

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