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 i-mate Ultimate 9502 - $749.99
CoPilot GPS Navigation Kit Features:
  • Enhanced 3D maps
  • Finger touch menus
  • Customizable Routing Profiles
  •  Availability: Pre-Order
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    About On The Go Solutions, Inc
    On The Go Solutions, Inc., is an exclusive Authorized HTC, i-mate, Qtek, reseller here in the U.S.A. Based out of Chicago, we specialize in the HTC Excaliber, HTC Cavalier, HTC TyTN, i-mate Jasjam, i-mate PDA, i-mate Smartflip, HTC MTeoR, HTC 8500 phones, as well as a full line of OEM accessories: batteries, cradles, cables, bluetooth headsets, chargers, cases, stylus packs, memory and more. All of our products have been personally tested and verified to work with our phones. We stock a great selection of all popular PDA accessories, MTeoR accessories and 8500 accessories. Buy with confidence.

    Why should I buy from On The Go?
    The answers are quite simple:
    1) We are certified resellers - all products are factory-new
    2) We offer the best service & support in the industry
    3) We provide SOLUTIONS, not just products!

    Call us at 847 933 1762 to discuss our products, services and offerings for your next purchase.

    i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
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    i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
    i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
    i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
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    i-mate kjam, imate jasjar
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